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The bug report service data will only be used by METRAWARE and SATIMO and their subsidiaries and affiliates in connection with their technical and marketing support of you and your employer and will not be sold, disclosed, rented or shared with any third parties; provided, however, METRAWARE and SATIMO  may disclose certain personally identifiable information with respect to your requests for information for products or services to its partners, affiliates distributors and sales representatives in order to respond to such request.

At any time, you may request to review your profile. You may seek to modify the profile data by sending an e-mail request to specifying the modification. However, in order to modify your name, any information regarding your employer, your billing or shipping address, or your e-mail address, you will need to specify the reason for your requested modification and your confirmation that you remain authorized to view, provide, receive or access all of the data. You will receive an e-mail or telephone response to your requested modification.

EUROPEAN AND OTHER FOREIGN USERS OF SATENV : Please note that the bug report service collect and maintain certain personally identifiable information about you and your employer. By agreeing to this Terms of Usage and using this service, you hereby provide your consent for METRAWARE and SATIMO   to use, disclose and transfer this information both within and outside of the European Union and your particular jurisdiction in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



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